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How Often Carpets Need to Be Professionally Cleaned

CarpetsFor those who search for how often their carpets need to be cleaned by professionals, there will be a lot of conflicting answers. Some resources will tell them that their carpets only need to be cleaned once a year, while others will disagree and say six months is the ideal interval. The reason for these differing opinions really comes down to what kind of carpet is being talked about and where that carpet is located.

The average homeowner has a carpet that gets a lot of traffic, but it’s only from a few people all year long. That’s nothing compared to the traffic experienced by the carpet in an office or business. These places can see as much traffic in a month or less as the homeowners’ carpet receives in a day. That’s a massive difference, and that means there is a lot more dirt, stains and wear and tear experienced by the carpet at the place of business. As dirt gets into the carpet fibers, it wears down the carpet, since each step onto a dirty carpet grinds the dirt against the fibers and wears them down. The rugs at a place of business need to be cleaned more often, or they will look poor quickly. Some of them can even benefit from a monthly cleaning from professionals.

The reason for hiring professionals is to ensure that the carpet is fully cleaned. If the average person were to clean the carpet with a vacuum and carpet cleaning solution, they may make the carpet look nicer, but they aren’t able to fully clean the carpet in such a way as to get out all the dirt and stains.

It’s better to have a professional clean the carpet, ensuring that the carpet experiences a full rejuvenation and looks like its original self once more. Regular cleaning is even important for new carpets placed down by specialists, like those at carpet greer sc. The new carpet, if it is gig not maintain its look needs to be kept clean and free from dirt. Otherwise, it will wear out quickly and lose its value and its beauty.

For the average homeowner, then, a yearly cleaning by professionals is enough to keep the carpet in good condition. Businesses need to have theirs cleaned at least twice a year. Of course, those with lots of traffic need cleaning more often.

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